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Through the development of a comprehensive legal analysis, it is possible to determine the legal status that the customer carries out its operations, in order to implement solutions involving a double effect:

i) the corrective effect, which allows us to solve problems - form and background - that today affect the customer; and
(ii) the preventive effect, which allows us to analyze, address and prevent timely and effective conflicts and future contingencies.

One of the effects of this legal and corporate audit consists of offering our clients the tranquility to work within the existing legal framework, so that decision-making will be supported on facts and concrete analysis enabling it to improve and innovate the mechanisms that minimize the direct effects of omissions and legal deficiencies. 

Also, a legal and corporate audit offers our customers the necessary legal framework for acquisitions, mergers, demergers and liquidations of mercantile societies.


This audit is practiced mainly to credit institutions, and similarly to other financial institutions. Is based on subsection c) of section III of article 86 of the General provisions applicable to credit institutions, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on 2nd. December 2005, and aims to review the objectives, policies, procedures and actions implemented by the institutions or entities, in order to identify, measure, monitor, limit, control, inform and reveal the legal risk, derived from: 

i) Failure to comply with the applicable legal and administrative provisions;

ii) The issue of administrative and judicial resolutions unfavorable against; and,

iii) The application of sanctions by the financial, judicial and administrative authorities.