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This legal services includes consulting, implementation, development and monitoring of any sort of thing considered, declarative and not limited to, within the following areas:


Corporate and administrative.

• Issuance of bonds and shares of stock.
• Empowerment.
• Ordinary and extraordinary meetings.
• Constitution, merger, cleavage and liquidation of companies.
• Companies with foreign investment.



• Merchant Commission
• Deposit Agreement.
• Loan Agreement.
• Sale Agreement.

• Borrowing of securities.
• Assent Agreement.
• Supply Agreement.
• Rendering of services.




Real Estate Division.

• Title Deed.
• Acquisitions and disposals.
• Developments and residential and industrial subdivisions.
• Joint Ventures.
• Lease and loan agreements.
• Mortgages and Trusts.

• Regularization, propping and boundaries


Banking and Stock Market.

• Business and corporate finance.

• Syndicated credits.

• Business and corporate credits restructuring.

• Capitalization of debts.

• Letters of credit.

• Trustee.

• Deal with trades and fines of CNBV, SHCP, BANXICO and COFECO.

• Analysis of legal instruments for bank account opening and credit agreement.

• Collateral security and civil and industrial mortgage contracts.

• Leasing and financial leasing.

• Agency.

• Constitution and operation of Saving Banks and Popular Credits, in accordance with the General Law of Cooperative Societies, General Corporate Law and Law on Savings and Popular Credit.

• Constitution and operation of Financial Companies of Limited Purpose and Financial Companies of Multiple Purpose, in accordance with the General Rules to which companies must be subject referred to Fraction IV of the Article 103 of the Law of Credit Institutions and the General Law of Organizations and Auxiliary Credit Activities.

Immigration Process.

• Integration of the migration file to obtain the certificate of registration as an "Employer Company" at the National Migration Institute.

• Integration of the migration file to obtain the Authorization to get the Visa as a temporary resident.

• Integration of the migration file to obtain the Temporary Residence Card with permission to work.